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Da Vinci Model Kits

Mechanical Drum

The mechanized drum beats when pulled or pushed. Five drumsticks can be adjusted to vary the beat.

The mechanized drum on a cart beats when the cart is pulled or pushed. Five drumsticks on each side can be adjusted to vary the beat.

Flying Machine

Da Vinci Model
Flying machine

It was designed to be powered by a man lying horizontally, using his arms and legs to move the wings. On this replica, wind it up and watch the wings flap.

Leverage Crane

Da Vinci model
Leverage Crane

This sophisticated machine converts continuous reciprocating motion into rotary motion. It is an innovative mechanism that will lift heavy objects using less power.

Flying Pendulum Clock

Da Vinci model kit
Flying pendulum clock

Based on Leonardo Da Vinci's work, the kit uses the law of motion and a "flying" pendulum escapement to keep accurate time.


Da Vinci Model

This helical design is based on the 1480's drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci. The rotor blades on the helicopter were to be operated by a pilot using his arms and legs.

Arched Bridge


The more weight Da Vinci's bridge carries, the stronger it becomes. On the other hand, if one key component is removed, the bridge will fall.